About Me

Aziz Altamimi

Aziz Altamimi was born on January 4 2002, in Bahrain.  Aziz grew up in an artistic environment as his father, Khalid Mandi, is a Music Composer, and his grandfather Aziz Mandi is a makeup artist. 

Aziz found his love for making films though Youtube, as he created content regarding professional wrestling that made him reach to over 200,000 Youtube subscribers. 

Aziz became an award-winning director behind "Becoming the Queen of the North"  now streaming on Amazon Prime And "Dinner With My Family". Aziz was nominated for many awards in festivals such as Cinemagic, Sunderland Shorts, and Northern Film Prize. He's also the founder of the Northern Festival of Cinema, a platform for independent filmmakers to showcase their work. Aziz's innovative approach and festival success have cemented his place as a promising young filmmaker.

A love letter to cinema

Allow me to express the profound pride and boundless love I hold for the art of filmmaking & directing, which flows through the very essence of my being. It is not merely a hobby, degree, or profession but an inseparable part of my lineage. My family has embraced a deep passion for the arts from generation to generation, and I am humbled to carry that torch forward as a Director. Creating and shaping stories is an act of pure devotion, an unyielding commitment to bring narratives to life that resonate with the human spirit. My heart overflows with love for this magnificent profession, as it allows me to craft moments of beauty, evoke profound emotions, and inspire hearts to soar. With every frame, I celebrate the heritage that crosses my veins and honour the love that binds me to you.

Family Histroy

My Grandfather "Aziz Mandi"

worked as a makeup artist over the years

My Father, Khalid Mandi

worked as a Music Composer over the years

My Early Years 

behind a camera

My Early Years

In front of a camera as a full time youtuber

My Latest Picture Behind a Camera

From Dinner With My Family

My Grandfather guiding and applying special fx on my Father

My Grandfather guding my father in the film industry

My Father creating Mannequins for the Bahrain National Museum under the guidance of my Grandfather

My Father teaching me music as a kid

Recording my first ever video clip song for my father at the age of 10

My Father wrapping up music for my film "Becoming the Queen of the North" a film I have Directed

My First Ever Album at the age of Three

When I was three years old, my father asked me to sing a few songs for a children's cassette tape that got lost in time. Now I have decided to release that album on Itunes and other music streaming platforms. 

Please listen  

Wrestling My Way ON Youtube

Wrestling has been the love of my life for as long as I can remember, and that passion still burns within me to this day. In 2013, I embarked on a YouTube journey, hoping to find success, but it eluded me. However, everything changed in 2017 when I mustered the courage to speak about what captivated my heart the most, which was the sport of professional wrestling. Sharing my knowledge, and enthusiasm for the sport, I became a key influential figure in the wrestling world on YouTube, gaining over 200,000 subscribers and over 31,000,000 views. 

Youtube ultimately inspired me to be behind the camera and direct films. Here is a glimpse of my Youtube journey. 

Kurt Angle Interview

Youtube Highlighted Video

My first wrestling interview with Kurt Angle

Meeting My Childhood Heros

Youtube also led me to meet many of my childhood heroes and even become friends with some !!

Wearing a rey mysterio shirt

Wearing a Randy Orton Shirt

Putting a Jeff Hardy Hand Signal

Interviewing Rey Mysterio

Meeting Randy Orton

While Interviewing 

Jeff Hardy

A Picture taken following an Interivew with Kurt Angle

A picture with Daniel Brayn after a sketch 

Meeting Braun Strowman

Following a sketch with Shane McMahon

Meeting Kevin Nash

Meeting Zack Ryder

We are in the film Business Now 

The film industry continues to feel like a dream to me, an enchanting realm where the magic happens. I want to honour the remarkable souls I've crossed paths with, who ignited my passion for filmmaking as a fan and nurtured my adoration for the cinema. 

Greta Gerwig

Greta Gerwig

Mara Wilson

David Fincher

Martin Scorsese (Taken While Reporting)

David Bradely (At NYFA)