Dispatched Dream


Written & Directed by Aziz Altamimi

"Dispatched Dream" is a film about Rachel, a young woman who works at a store and dreams of becoming a successful singer. One day, she meets Sandra Brooks, a famous singer who inspires Rachel to pursue her dreams. Despite the discouragement of her boss Malcolm, Rachel continues to work. As she tries to balance her job and her passion for music, Rachel faces challenges and obstacles along the way. The film explores themes of perseverance, following one's dreams, and the importance of having supportive people in one's life.

Personal Note

Dispatched Dream is a love story dedicated to the music I like, the pop-culture icons I love and the filmmakers I admire.

Jack Addison co-writes the story, Jack Initially gave me the film's first draft, and he got busy working on another project while I secretly kept modifying it to the point that I co-wrote it. 

Making Dispatched Dream was Extremely Challenging as most of the filming was in a convenience store which required us to film at night for three days, but after winning awards at the festivals, it was worth it. 

Key Filmmakers I paid homage to were Damien Chazelle & Edgar Wright.



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National Youth Film Awards Long List Selection

Best Short Film

Sunderland Short Film Festival

Young Emerging & Student Screening

Golden Lion International film festival

Best International Short Film

Parai Musical International Awards

Best Musical Short

Indie Motion Club

Best Short Film

Deep Fried Film Festival

Best Drama

Indie Motion Club

Best Film about Change

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Best Short Film

ANDROMEDA Film Festival  

Best Comedy

Andromeda Film Festival

Best Comedy