Becoming the Queen of the North

Becoming the Queen of the North


Becoming the Queen of the North is an inspiring and heartwarming film that follows the parallel journeys of Gabby, a dedicated primary school teacher, and Gia Adams, a talented professional wrestler. The story intertwines their ambitions and explores the power of pursuing one dream of becoming a wrestling world champion.

Written, Directed & Edited 

By Aziz Altamimi

Personal Note

Wrestling is the only sport I admire. As a kid, the professional wrestlers I saw on tv were my real-life superheroes. As a teenager, Professional wrestling gave me my big break on youtube, allowing me to reach over 200,000 youtube subscribers and making me love making videos. In a way, the Queen of the North is also a way of thanking the professional wrestling industry for making me a Filmmaker. 

Becoming the Queen of the North was my first successful festival & Streaming film and will always have a special place in my heart.



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Stills from the film

Gia Training

Gia Interview

Gabby Interview

Behind the scenes

CREW & Collaborators

Aziz Interviewing Gabby

Camera Setup

Gia & Aziz at a wrestling show promoting the film

Aziz Behind the Scenes

Gabby Through a Monitor



Northern Film Prize

Most recently we were nominated as one of the top three films at the Northern Film Prize by LJ Ross

Monthly Indie Shorts (Winner)

Best Documentary

Parai Musical International Awards

Best Music in a Documentary 

MegaFlix Film Awards

Best Documentary, Director, Poster & Sports Film 

Golden lion international film festival

BEST Documentary Short Film

Golden Bridge Istanbul Short Film Festival

Best Short Documentary

Anatolia International Film Festival

Best Documentary Short Film

Indiecinema Film Festival 

Best Short Film

Northern Festival of Cinema

Best Documentary

7th Music Film Festival

Best Soundtrack in any film

International Tour Film Festival

Best Documentary 

Cinemagic Young Filmmaker

Best Documentary


Best Documentary

Lane Doc Fest

Best Student Documentary


Best Documentary

Cut International Short 

Film Festival

Best Documentary

Paris Shorts Film Awards

Best Student Short